Winter in Athens, Greece

Our first day in Athens was full of sunshine and blue skies!  We sat outside at a restaurant, glasses of beer in hand, ready to devour our Greek salads, which were brimming with fresh tomatoes, capsicum,olives, capers and gloriously large slabs of feta cheese balanced on top, drizzled with glistening olive oil.  If you’re looking to spend three … More Winter in Athens, Greece

11 Ideas for Adventure Travel in South-East Asia

South-East Asia conjures up visions of golden temples, cheeky monkeys and lots of street food.  But there is more to this cultural continent than meets the eye.  From canyoning down waterfalls to zip-lining through the jungles of Laos, this place is an adventure-junkies paradise!  Even if you’re not usually into extreme sports, you might yet … More 11 Ideas for Adventure Travel in South-East Asia

Nine Things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark

I travelled from Aarhus to Copenhagen by train in 2012.  It was my first time in a Scandinavian country and I remember wishing I had more time to continue through to Sweden, Norway, Finland and maybe even Iceland!  Copenhagen was a wonderfully diverse city, full of culture, arts, youthful enthusiasm and history.  I stepped out of the … More Nine Things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark

A small slice of Vienna

Filled with romantic visions of monarchs frequenting the Summer and Winter palaces throughout the last centuries, listening to the opera and dining on strudel, sachertorte and coffee, Vienna exceeded all my expectations! I was fortunate enough to spend two days exploring the Austrian capital and somehow managed to fit in all this! Schloss Scönbrunn  A magnificent Summer palace … More A small slice of Vienna

Travel Article Apps

I am happy to announce a few more of my travel articles have been converted into apps with GPSmycity, a travel app that allows you to download city walks and travel articles to your iOS device for free. For a small fee, you have the option to upgrade each article to include maps, which are connected to the … More Travel Article Apps

A Brand New Year

I love this time of year!  There is something satisfying about reflecting on the year gone by, before putting it all behind you and turning over a brand new page.  A new year, a new chapter.  And the best thing is that you can write the next chapter yourself. Last year, I made some pretty … More A Brand New Year

Christmas in Germany

It took me a long time to learn the word for Christmas in German.  I put the word into the ‘too long’ category and assumed everyone knew the English word anyway.  I kept calling it Christmas for some time – until December arrived and the word was difficult to avoid. Plus, it turns out most … More Christmas in Germany